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Innovation for good


for good

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We accelerate the success of our ​clients by providing outstanding ​and delightful services and ​software solutions.

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Our vision is to create ​thriving local communities ​by developing people, ​growing businesses, and ​cultivating innovation.

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At our core, we believe in ​aiming high, treating everyone ​with kindness and respect, ​and making wise choices ​every step of the way. We ​strive for excellence and ​foster a supportive and ​thoughtful environment for all.

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Through our philanthropic ​venture, InkubasiaLAB, we ​offer bootcamps & ​internships to foster equity ​and inclusion and enhance ​access to opportunities, ​education, and professional ​development.

Innovation ​that grows

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Established in 2007 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, we are one of the country's ​pioneering web and mobile app development start-ups, founded by ​Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Our first philanthropic project,, once ​the most popular app in the country, transformed public transportation ​in Kyrgyzstan.

Collaborative Team Builders

Our co-founders, FuMing and Elaine, exemplify collaborative team ​building with over 30 years of combined experience in product ​management and marketing across media, technology, consultancy, and ​strategic analysis. FuMing has managed products at Amazon and various ​Silicon Valley start-ups and also teaches at AUCA. Elaine, who holds a ​doctorate in education, is committed to developing future innovators. ​Together, they have built and nurtured the Inkubasia community.

Credible Experts

Our team is led by Aaron, a UC Berkeley graduate and our current general ​manager with deep industry experience, and Han, an experienced ​software engineer from the Netherlands who actively manages and ​trains our engineers. Former team members have gone on to work in the ​USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

Empowering Innovation and ​Growth Through InkubasiaLAB

In addition, we host InkubasiaLAB, one of the first ​business accelerator, bootcamp, and professional ​development programs in Kyrgyzstan. We mentor ​and support tech professionals, social entrepreneurs, ​and small businesses in Central Asia.

At the heart of the vision for Inkubasia, we want to ​support social entrepreneurship and accelerate ​learning and the growth of small businesses using ​relevant technologies.

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With mentors from:

... and more!

“In 2019, I attended the first Machine Learning Bootcamp in ​Kyrgyzstan by InkubasiaLAB. It was an electrifying, immersive ​experience and a treasure trove of knowledge and networking. To ​this day, I remain connected with many of those inspiring Silicon ​Valley experts.”

- Timur Turatali, CTO and Co-founder of

The Cramer Project (Akylai) and

AI Community of Kyrgyzstan

"I attended Inkubasia's Business Accelerator for social ​entrepreneurs. The experience was invaluable, providing ​fundamental knowledge and practical activities that structured our ​business model. We connected with brilliant local business leaders, ​allowing us to dive deeply to reach our goals, and with top talents ​from the US, giving us valuable insights and networking opportunities. ​As a result, we started getting leads and earning money. I highly ​recommend InkubasiaLAB to anyone looking to start or improve their ​business. Thank you, Inkubasia!”

- Begimai Amantaeva, Software Engineer @ Microsoft

(and Co-Founder of Neobis Club)

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Featured speakers and mentors

Crystal Hsieh

Sr. Software ​Engineer

@ LinkedIn

Daniel Low

Engineering ​Manager

@ Meta

Jennifer Tsau

Group Product ​Manager

@ Google

Kainar ​Kamalov


@ Kyo Health

Isaac Wang

Engineering ​Manager

@ Google

Denis ​Gayvoronskiy


@ Kulikov


Wong, PhD

Research Lead

@ dYdX

Timur Turatali*

CTO, @ Akylai

Stanton Weaver

Prod. Marketing ​Engineer @ Texas ​Instruments

Atai Sadybakasov

Founder/ Co-Founder

@ Torro and

@ ololo Group

David Wise

ex-Senior ​Engineer

@ Meta

Meerim ​Ruslanbekova

Founder, GATE 312 ​Creative Agency

Daniar ​Amanaliev


Ololo Group

Uluk Kydykbaev

Head of Secretariat

Investment Council

Lân Hoàng

Manufacturing ​Technologist

@ Apple

Begimai ​Amantaeva*

Software Engineer

@ Microsoft

Brad ​Brenneman

Founder & CEO

@ Sierra Group


Wong, PhD

AI Trainer

@ Perplexity

Salia Asanova


Product Geeks

Kevin Lin

Sr. Engineering ​Manager

@ Meta

Cindy Ho

Analyst IS Consultant

@ Kaiser Permanente

Tim Lee

Data Scientist

@ Workday

Aziza ​Shuzheyeva



Chyngyz ​Kanatbek


@ Professify

Greg Dunn, PhD

Dean @ HSB, JKL ​University



Head of Marketing/PR

@ Toyboss

Daniel Chang, EdD

VP Strategic

Product Alliances

@ Salesforce

David Tran



Matt Woo

Technical Program ​Manager

@ Amazon

Sanzhar ​Mamatov*

Sr. Prod. Mgr.

@ O!Dengi



Product Manager

@ Talabat

Almaz Edilbaev

Strategy & Corporate ​Development

@ Kyo Health

Stephen Maier


Maier Farms

Nargiza ​Abdubalieva

Recruiting Manager

@ Pipe

Esen Rysbekov

Serial Entrepreneur, ​CEO/Co-Founder @ ​Fornax Investment

Dan Watters

Director of UX,

Research & ​Innovation @ SAP

Aizaada ​Usupova

COO @ Elet-Capital ​Microfinance

Jonathan Zhang

Member of Technical ​Staff @ Eve

Victor Chen

Software Engineer

@ Zip

Ariena Chi

Data Scientist @ ​Chan Zuckerberg ​Initiative

Daniiar Abdiev*

Senior AI Engineer

@ Talabat

Kairat Talanbekov*

Founding Backend ​Engineer

@ AlphaGuilty

Diana ​Bakbergenova

Founder of

Keizo Morgan

Product Engineer

@ Meta

Wilson Yeung

Senior DevOps ​Engineer




Founder & CEO


Shirley Wang

Software Engineer

@ Google

Chubak ​Boikonov

Managing Partner

@ Atadan Group

Kevin Leong

VP @ Rockset

acquired by ​OpenAI

Audrey Howe

Operations Analyst

@ Forerunner

Ben Bell, PhD

Sr. Scientist

@ Merck ​Research

Kevin Cao

Software ​Engineer

@ Workday

Leyla ​Keldibekova

Owner, DINO ​Educational Centre

Jason Wang

Software ​Engineer @ ​HubSpot

William Wen

Software ​Engineer

@ Meta

Garry Dik*

Software ​Engineer

@ Inkubasia

Daniel K.